Who we are

The Jorge Mitre Research Institute is a clinical research center that operates in several ophthalmological specialties with experience and knowledge to ensure the highest quality in carrying out clinical studies. It was founded on April 25, 2023, and has a partnership signed with the HOSP Group, Hospital de Olhos de São Paulo (São Paulo Eye Hospital).

This partnership is a strategic collaboration that significantly boosts advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the ophthalmology field. With this, we were able to bring together infrastructure, expertise in the eye health market and innovative scientific capacity. The result is a unique synergy, which provides a broad, complete infrastructure, and a qualified team.

Furthermore, the Institute is qualified to conduct phase I to IV studies in the field of ophthalmology, through innovative clinical trials and applied experience throughout the process.

Combined with experience is the commitment to the humanization of work, patient safety and the quality of clinical data, complying with all regulatory standards in clinical research.

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