Patient Area

New Participants

We want to provide you with all the information you need to make your experience with us as pleasant, welcoming and enlightening as possible.

If you are a new participant, we are happy to have you with us. Our mission is to promote significant advances in the field of ophthalmology through innovative clinical research, and you are part of this journey. Here, you will find all pertinent information about the studies and procedures in which we are involved.

We understand that questions and concerns may arise when signing up for a clinical trial. Our team is ready to answer any questions and provide the necessary support throughout your participation.

Our priority is to ensure that you are well informed and confident in your decision.


How do I participate in a study?

Significant advances in the field of ophthalmology are driven by clinical research. Beyond that, clinical trials and studies provide volunteers the opportunity to receive new treatments and innovative medical procedures. To participate in our studies, contact us by phone (11) 3205-6535.

Does participating in the study have any cost? Or will I receive anything for participating?

There will be no cost or expense for participating in studies. There will also be no financial compensation for involvement in clinical research. The entire process is transparent, in order to guarantee the full consent and knowledge about the objectives of the study, procedures involved and benefits of participation.

For more information, contact us by phone (11) 3205-6535.

What studies are available to participate in?

To find out which clinical studies are currently available, contact us at (11) 3205-6535.